Should Your Dentist Have An AED?

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1 death every 33 seconds, 2600 people every day in the United States.  These statistics make heart disease the number 1 killer of Americans.  Many of these individuals are also victims of sudden cardiac arrest (SCA) – an electrical problem involving the heart, causing death.

Dentist should have AED's

Dentist should have AED's

Automated external defibrillators (AED), is a device that provides the life-saving therapy for victims of sudden cardiac arrest.  Because these devices save lives, and time is the most critical factor, there has been not only publicity surrounding AEDs but an public expectation is evolving.  There have been many stories in recent news surrounding sporting events, but unfortunately an AED was not always available.

eMED has documented numerous life-saves, resulting in pressure to have these devices included when planning for public and private facilities.

In dental offices where conscious and unconscious sedation occurs, the presence of an AED is becoming a standard.  The general and specialized dentist who doesn’t sedate patients may have a need based on pressure from public expectation.  Because this “standard of care” is being created, eMED recommends dental practices become proactive – protecting their most valuable asset, their patients and employees.


There are several Dental Office on the central coast that have AED’s and have their staff trained to use them.

We applaud them for wanting to save lives.

One  of the many dental offices in SLO  that have AED’s  is Leopold Murphy and Main

If you Dentist has an AED let us know and we will post their name.